Tuesday, July 8, 2008


You may not be smart girl,
but you sure are tough.
You may not be pretty girl,
but you sure are brilliant.
You may not be ordinary girl,
but you sure are you.

You may not feel good girl,
but you made a good choice.
You may not feel happy girl,
but you know it's gonna work.
You may not feel independant girl,
but you sure are alive.

You may not be you girl,
but you still got somethin'.

Have you ever wondered why people inspire us?
Why do we need to be inspired?
Is it because we don't do our part in the world or is it because we're not content with ourselves so we feel we need to be inspired?

Maybe we can just be us,
and that'll be all we need.

Monday, July 7, 2008

drive to see the world.

and we'll never know it's wrong
until someone says it is
but who's to say what's wrong?

they can't judge us from what we do
or what we say
or who we can hang out with

and if they do
hypocrites are that which they are
and we'll drive around the world
just to be far, far away.