Thursday, October 22, 2009


If you know you can love, then you know you can hate. and if you know you can hate then you know you can feel. Feel this life in a frenzy of emotion. Balled up and heavy, like a wet sack of clay. It can drag you down in an instant. Unruly hands pulling every thought, every emotion in a different direction. They say they want to help. They don't know how they burn. Soft skined hands, pulling ever so tightly against the strings of your soul. They can't help, because they don't know. Shattering soul, the hands break away. The sound of glass, the sound of silence. The panic when you know you're broken, and you're too afraid to pick up the peices. Shrieking for air, you push through the fire. You don't feel the burning hands,  your heart now numb. Float to the top, wipe away the tears. Sunlight blinds you with beauty. If you know you can hate, then you know you can love. and if you know you can love then you'll be okay soon.


Soul tempting religion. Not what it seems. All the heartache, none of the dreams. Blind tears softly weep, because it was a secret they couldn't quite keep. Growing lies, heart hardened. It knows no emotion but despise. This body aches, the mind too tired to fight. The soul knows more than it thinks, but doesn't think it's worth the fight.
Stop giving up, slowing down. Fight the silence, pain. Fight the thoughts giving you nightmares, erase the bad. Know you can make it home. It's not what I expected.


charming eloquence. be pertainant to those who act like they care. You get second chances, so don't fool yourself into thinking it's done. It's never over, never too late. Pitch your sale well enough and next thing you know you have nine lives. Be present in the the future and stay one step ahead. Fool everyone into believeing you know who you are and what you're about.
charming eloquence is key. Step into the next stage of your life acting like you know yourself, fool yourself into thinking you have an idea about where you come from and why you are the way you are. This isn't life. It isn't yours to keep. Take the blame, shed your skin, and come out on top. Unscathed by their words.
They mean nothing.


I don't know how I feel, what to think, what I know, what is real.
Everytime I look at myself I change. Emotions stirring. A new one comes to the top every few seconds. Anger rising, the cream of the crop. Is it love. I don't think so, not for me. But my love for others, it will be the thing to set me apart from myself, set me free.
We all have our own personal hell, the thing that makes our spine twist into knots, our stomach churn, and ultimately lead our hearts to burn.
Our minds are the jail cell, keeping us trapped, replaying the moments we wish we could take back. Trapping the never ending anger and saddness that dwells deep down inside. Playing over and over the memories we want so badly to hide.
Just one fleeting glance into the soul, one chance to see, the different side of you and me.
Take the sorrow, shove the pain, keep the happiness. You've only you to blame.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Let's play a game of hide and go seek
I'll hide my feelings for you
and you find me amoung the bushes,
seeking for an escape from my head.

This game won't work
It's too many rules on such a short day
let's leave our lives,
run away
This game is not near enough
to fill the space
and unlike you
it's too easy to erase.

Let's play a game called Tomorrow never comes
I'll sit and wait for the world to brighten
and the wind to howl
you'll travel to the furthest corners of the world
searching for your soul
We'll meet up again
on a day you'll never know.

This game won't work
It's too many rules on such a short day
let's leave our lives,
run away
This game is not near enough
to fill the space
and unlike you
it's too easy to erase.

Let's play a game
where we don't give up, don't let go, don't hold back
We'll just hold on
Wear our hearts on our sleeves
and pray it goes the way that love intends.
This game may work
but it's too much to do on this sunshiney day
and too comfortable here to runaway.
This game will start,
but never end
it's too much to try and pretend.