Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catching up

As I sit here, I am just about 5 days from leaving for New York! It's been kind of a crazy, busy semester and I've done a lot in the last few months. Since I've not been blogging (at all) this semester I decided to pull a few photos of my life the last few months! 

1. I got rid of over half of my clothes I didn't ever wear....

2. We went on a day trip to Dallas, specifically for In-and-Out burger and DQ! 
So worth it...

3. For Tyler's birthday we went to a Thunder game! It was amazing!

4. I cooked my first organic dinner from (mostly) scratch
Caribbean Jerk Chicken and Roasted Asparagus.
So good... It was my first edible meal that wasn't from a bag...

5. I created a super colorful Dunkin' Doughnuts ad, and it was beautiful....

6. I finished my magazine for class and fell in love with magazines even more than before....
which was a lot to begin with.

7. I'm becoming a pro at doing wedding invitation orders, but I still have yet to 
convince a bride to get the craft paper Vera Wang invite.
It's so lovely. 

8. I have a pet squirrel... he's super soft. 

9. I taught this little girl how to take a photo. And by "taught" I mean I tried but she
just looked at the screen and didn't take any.

10. I seriously debated going blonde... I'm still on the edge, and I think I may 
after I get back from New York!

11. I've already been to the pool and gotten a nice base tan! 
Also, swimming laps and drinking wine oddly go well together, 
as long as you're smart about it! 

12. Through all of this, 2 jobs and a minimal social life, I managed to maintain a pretty
nice grade average!!!

Needless to say, hopefully summer will be a little bit more relaxing.