Thursday, October 22, 2009


If you know you can love, then you know you can hate. and if you know you can hate then you know you can feel. Feel this life in a frenzy of emotion. Balled up and heavy, like a wet sack of clay. It can drag you down in an instant. Unruly hands pulling every thought, every emotion in a different direction. They say they want to help. They don't know how they burn. Soft skined hands, pulling ever so tightly against the strings of your soul. They can't help, because they don't know. Shattering soul, the hands break away. The sound of glass, the sound of silence. The panic when you know you're broken, and you're too afraid to pick up the peices. Shrieking for air, you push through the fire. You don't feel the burning hands,  your heart now numb. Float to the top, wipe away the tears. Sunlight blinds you with beauty. If you know you can hate, then you know you can love. and if you know you can love then you'll be okay soon.

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