Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I went back and edited some old photos I took and I loveeee them :]
This one is my favorite :]
It was a barn next to my old house :] 


  1. the photographs are beautiful... your so luck you get snow!

  2. ah thanks! ha we've had two blizzards here in the last week and a half and it's about to be 70 this weekend! I'd really just rather have a stable temperature haha

  3. These are so cool Joanna!
    You need to teach me a thing or two about photography. I usually take pictures consisting of red eyes, missing body parts and glare from the sun. :/

    Needless to say - I suck!

  4. haha I do too when I'm taking them still! I'm taking photography in the fall, I'll teach you everything I know :]