Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moving Up in the World

So in September I will be moving out of my parents house. Thank god... It's been far too long living here.
I've been so excited about planning it all out and I've been practically stalking furniture and decoration websites and I finally ordered some stuff off of West Elm (basically the most amazing website in the world). So to pretty much brag on what all I got (for 40% off thanks to my best friend :] ) I'm making this post haha along with showing some of the other things that will be going into my apartment.

It's kind of my Interior designer fix, since I honestly kind of do miss that being my major sometimes...

I'm getting the round one at the top :] 

I wanted the one on the right, but they were out of it, but
the one on the left is still pretty rad :]

Adding to my owl collection :]

So excited about this rug :] it was only 100 bucks :]
I'm getting the coral one on top!
Shower Curtain! :D

Bath Mat!

Zebraaaaa :]
The gray one!

Sun Dial Pillow :]
Orange one

So I remade my coffee table (repainted and upholstered the middle)
and my La-z-boy, although generously used, will
just look vintage-y I hope :]
Part of my owl collection :] One of my favorites :]

My newest owl :]
I'm not gonna lie, I have like 10 owls now,
not including my jewelry and such!

My fabric :D

My newest artwork! 15 bucks :]
I really want this artwork! I need to figure out
how to do letterpress :]
Lastly I want this mug, except for the fact that it
has retarded writing on the back of it....

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