Friday, August 24, 2012

Sick as a Hog

If you're wondering where I got the title from, please refer to my favorite "I can't think of a good idea" website: Urban Dictionary. Like Wikipedia, for slang....

Also, extremely awesome. Mostly because I've been waiting for people to notice my freaking moonwalking skills. It's about time assholes.

 Anyway. Week one of class just ended. The first few days went really well! Aside from the girl in my Art and Culture class that I would rather punch in the face than to have to listen to ever again. This girl can't close her mouth. Maybe that thought process is why Karma is not on my side right now. Here is how my life started going about halfway through this week:

  • Wednesday 9-5pm: Great!
  • Wednesday 6pm: Going down fast....
  • Wednesday 8pm until Thursday 8am: I passed out, never to be heard from again.
  • Thursday 9am: cranky, sore throat. Chelsea comes in and asks LOUDLY if I'm okay. Everyone looks at me, by this point I'm not, but I'm embarrassed cause she thinks I'm pissed, so I say yes.
  • Thursday 12:30: I'm too tired and sore to care that the girl mentioned above is talking over the teacher, while simultaneously getting her "answers" wrong. This girl also informed us that she wrote a research paper over Stonehenge, and, well, from the professors response to her answers, I'd say she did no better than a D. Rude, but true. 
  • Thursday 8pm: No appetite. But I got invited to go bowling, so I did. It was fun, and I felt better! Yay healing!
  • Friday (today) at 10am: I feel AWFUL! I went into work, then left exactly 30 minutes later. 
  • Friday 2pm: I am informed that I have a Bronchial infection (aka bronchitis). 
  • Friday 4pm: My computer crashes and I lose all of my research for school, 2 projects, and a file I was working on for a client at work. 
  • Friday 11:50 p.m. (now): I'm on my second cup of tea, and I feel like I'm going to die. 

I feel like you may think I'm over exaggerating this, but I am going to die. I feel like someone has been rubbing my throat all day with sandpaper. Plus I've not been hungry the last 2 days or eaten hardly anything, not that I would really want to with my throat on fire. And finally, I feel like a baby elephant has been sitting on my neck all day.

Now I try not to complain, but this is ridiculous. I've not felt so awful in a long time, and there's nothing I can do but wait it out with antibiotics and sip on more tea till I feel better. This isn't going to end on a good note....

Because I ran out of my good tea.

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