Thursday, January 27, 2011


WARNING: I'm not gonna lie, this post is SUPER picture heavy!

So, I will be the first to admit. I have a shopping addiction. I'm happiest when I'm spending money. And thanks to my student loans I've gotten a bit of a haul lately! I've decided I need to stop spending money, but I'm kind of excited about what all I've been able to get!

Also, with all my changes I've also added two tattoos and a sleek new haircut... 
I decided that although it's worked for me the last 5 years, I'm tired of having side bangs. So with this realization that I wanted change I made the decision to get full on bangs. I researched people with long faces, since that's my face shape and really the only person who I love is Liv Tyler, and she has bangs. 
How is she not fucking gorgeous!? 

So with this, my before and after :] 

Ignore the ones of me with my crazy "I don't know what face to make!" face haha

So I didn't get this one, but if I had somewhere to wear it to I totally would have! 

I love this dress! It's so fun! But I'm not quite sure where to wear it yet! 

I was actually surprised when I tried this one and found a spectacular spring dress! It's probably my favorite thing I've gotten so far!

These tank tops are AMAZINGGGG! I got them in like 4 different colors :] 

This last tank has sequins, which are my loveeeees! 

Sadly, this isn't even all I've gotten by far in the last month. 
Gladly, I got a TONNNN of make up too :] I'm still learning all the things I can do with it all, but with this much makeup I think I can figure something out :] 
And lastly, my loves. I got new tattoos :] 
I'm going to get them touched up this weekend cause there are some areas that need to be fixed, but they're DIVINE :]
this one says raya ahava dod. It's from Song of Songs and essentially means friendship, commitment, and passion. I've been in some poop relationships and this is to make sure that while I also stay true to myself  I make sure to find someone with these qualities. I do believe that my boy fits these qualifications! :]

This one is a greek god, and I'd rather not explain it. It works for me and reminds me of what I need to be reminded of. 

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  1. Uhm,
    I love you more & I think we should tag team/collaborate!

    Your new haircut is smashing. I'm in love.