Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will you be my Buddhist Valentine?

So with the new semester starting I have only had one REAL design class. Only one class in which I have to worry about handing in projects and being stressed with deadlines. Thankfully, this is a good semester to have only this one class because it happens to be the class in which I genuinely know nothing about. Good ol' Photoshop! It's also the semester in which I have to turn in my portfolio. 

So in celebration of only having this one studio class I present to you my first REAL exercise using photoshop. 

This is so so so much more than I could do a week ago. It's weird how skills are aquired. 

We had 5 images that we were supposed to combine. There was a Buddha, a lotus, a water scene, butterfly, and an image of some rocks. We also had to have a concept behind our composition, so mine focuses on upcoming Valentines Day, being a piece Buddhists could use as a card or such! 

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  1. studio classes are so hard and time consuming... good luck!!!