Thursday, January 5, 2012

Come One, Come All

For some reason lately I've been slightly obsessed with circus inspired design. Actually, I'm pretty sure it started with a company called Meri Meri and their charming circus-themed party decor. So damn cute.

With a quick google search I found a ton of amazing invitations from Oh So Beautiful Paper, which is an amazing site! The colors are what I think hooks me. I'm all for browns, creams, and naturals in general, but I've always wanted a little more color. It could be a dash of apple green, teal, bright yellow, etc. As long as there is color I'm happy. But considering that these designs seem to combine muted colors and vibrance somehow I think I'll stay in love for a while.

If I ever have kids I may consider this for them... If I haven't used it for an office by then....

What are your favorite inspirations lately?

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