Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do Not Enter the Uncanny Valley

Today I read an article about the Uncanny Valley. It was actually really interesting.

"The uncanny valley describes a point at which a human-like animation or robot looks too close to a human and generates a feeling of revulsion or distaste. "

Basically it's the point of being so generated to look like a human that it loses all it's human qualities. It's creepy.

So I was recently asked, or told rather, that I should apply for a student research grant with the design program. Then I decided I may as well be the only one who doesn't know anything about research grants. I know that people write a paper, then they get them, and they they (I'm only assuming at this point) do research. 

Fact: when you type into Google: "What is a Student Research Grant" you get this: 

They just made me feel more idiotic about not knowing what it is or what type of projects I can do with them. Great, I'll write a BRILLIANT proposal, but if I can't figure out what things I can propose it doesn't help. Jerks.

So, basically somehow the article popped into my head 8 hours after reading it, but I still have no clue if it's a good topic for a research grant. I e-mailed said teacher asking if it was okay, and if it is I have 2 days to write my paper and turn it in. Easy. Luckily I'm a writing master. I can't talk to save my life, but give me a pen and paper (or less stressful to my hands a computer) and I can write forever. 

Long story short: I may be doing a research project over the effect computers have in taking away the human aspect of design. Or I may not. We shall see. 

Also, I super suggest reading the article, it's interesting! 

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