Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'll be your Huckleberry.

Ohhhh, valentine's day. It was a brilliant day. No homework was due, no stressful last minute things going on {actually there was, but I didn't care}, no work. NO WORK. 

I came home from class, got ready for my date {which I don't get to do often enough} and opened up my front door to the beautiful roses below.

I will say we're a pretty good fit, because we both gave each other our cards, unsealed and unsigned, and neither of us cared. 

I don't get to dress up often. I mean, we have "professional Wednesdays" in Inktank, but considering half the people in there take that as meaning jeans, boots, and a cute shirt I feel a little a lot overdressed.  
So hello pencil skirt. It's quite possibly the best piece of clothing I've ever bought. It's a tad big on me now, but still so freaking classy! 

I also never get to wear one of my favorite shirts! I have a thing for longer shirts, if they don't go to the bottom of my arms, more than likely I won't be wearing it. This shirt was one of those that don't quite hit that mark, but look at the back detail. oh my goodness. It's so pretty! So obviously it's perfect. Done and done.

We ended up going to Saii for dinner (yummmm, sushi!), and the poor waitress thought we had a reservation, after we told her we didn't 3 times... no joke. So she sat us in a super secluded section way in the back, and then realized we told her we didn't have some. She slightly freaked out, but come on, we went at 4pm to beat the crowds. It turned out to be fine, we were gone by 5:15. Silly woman. 

My portion of the date night: Cronicle. Tyler's been wanting to see it for a long time. The style it was filmed in reminded me of Cloverfield, but other than not expecting that when I saw it, I liked it!

Oh, and his gift: 


And I got him a few t-shirts, because he's desperately in need of some new clothes. He literally ripped through one of his shirts last week trying to unbutton it. It was a little worn... 


All in all I'd like to think that was the best valentine's day I've had so far.

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