Saturday, September 24, 2011


Lately I've been trying to get into cooking a lot more. I even bought my first real cookbook. I'm not a great chef, I mean I can make a mean grilled cheese, but other than that and Stouffer's skillets I'm lost. Not to say I've not made some good things over the years, but not enough to justify being a good cook! So this weekend I've set out to cook some better, more interesting things than the usual Ramen and baked Tilapia that me and my boyfriend survive off of.

I'm probably most excited about the dinner I made last night. It's not anything super special, and sadly had no meat (I could never be a vegetarian, I've tried). The photo I took of it still looks delish though. 

Sweet Potato, homemade pasta salad, and peas!

Like I said, nothing fancy, but still so yummy!

Then this morning I had the most fantastic, unhealthy breakfast ever! Tyler made some bacon and sausage while I made orange french toast with a homemade strawberry orange syrup. So yum.

Really, I'm more excited about the fact that I've lost 3 inches on my waist from just eating better (minus the jalapeno Cheetos - hello addiction). I probably should be working out too, but thanks to my life, I have no time. But it's really not bad considering I've only had my own apartment for a month and last time I moved out I ended up gaining about 10 pounds instead of losing anything. No thanks for that happening again... 

I'm totally open to recipe suggestions though! Does anyone know of any amazing recipes they've tried out that are recommended?

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