Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo Assignment 1

 I will not lie. My photography skills are not where I'd like them to be, being as I'd like to be a pro photographer. I wish Oklahoma had more interesting things  to photograph. I want to find a nice, beautiful wheat field. I know that seems like it would be easy, given it's Oklahoma, but it's not. At all.

  • One day I will live in New York, Amsterdam, Portland, Boston, Austin, anywhere that is not Oklahoma [and has a nice, large city] 
  • I'm also in a photography class, so my photos will also get better. I do think they've gotten better already though!

I have taken a few photos I like a lot :]

These photos are for my depth of field project! [Shallow and Great] - I'm pretty sure it's called great dof at least haha probably something I should for sure learn by the end of it...
Shallow [f 5, 125, ISO 100]
Great [f32, 125, ISO 100]

We also had to do Sunlit Studies of how different types of sunlight affect people's faces. This explains my boyfriend exactly. :D

And then we got to get creative. I really want to redo these, but it was a good idea in theory! We had to take a motion shot, but these fun park rides don't quite go fast enough. It was way too fun not to attempt though!  We had to have one blurry of the person, one blurry of the background, and one still shot of everything. 

And then I just had fun taking pictures of this handsome man :]

It's a littleeee dark, but I'm still learning :]

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