Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pilllow Shmeeellow.

Guess who updated her blog design! Uh, yeah, it's not that hard to figure out.... I don't know why but when I was driving home just this image of a llama eating a couch popped into my head. I know it may or MAY NOT (more likely) make sense. When I go to my mom's house I pass all these llama farms. They are sooooo damn adorable. Really. So I'm gonna go with that. Plus, my secret love for interior design and illustration had their roles too.

Hookay. So I said a few hours ago I'd post photos of my current project. I'm gonna try to explain what we were supposed to do. I'm bad at this, so bear with me.... 
So the goal of our project is to create a 3D invitation, challenging the use of paper and the look of a typical invitation. The event can be anything, fictional or non. So obviously mine is fictional!

So I have a heart for the homeless. Well, most of them anyway. Panhandlers just make me uncomfortable... So I heard a podcast talking about "How Homelessness Works" from Stuff You Should Know. I highly recommend it! It was talking about how 1/3 of homeless people are veterans, which is a awfully high number! So because of this I decided to create an event for the homeless. 
Anthropologie is currently hosting an event for adopting pets, so I thought it would be a good human interest piece they could host as well. Soooo onto making a pillow I went (it was the logical choice, of course).

I came up with the idea of making this from this pillow at west elm. Mine is better though. Just sayin'. It's going to be made out of burlap, have steel/metal buttons, and then the buttons will open to reveal the invite. And to be sure you know there's something on the inside (instead of wondering why you got this *awesome* random pillow) there will be a tag that says open me, leading to the inside.

On the back I really love the style and texture of Dhurrie. So I did a dhurrie inspired pattern on the back with the shape of an ARMY veterans vietnam patch. This will most likely be hand painted, or at least hand drawn out, and printed on muslin. 

So I had all my type copy written up and everything done on the computer.... And then I got my feedback hahaha. It kinda sucks, but I think it's gonna be better in the long run for my entire career. She gave me better advice than any of the teachers there (besides Mandy). They are the only two who have pointed out that between my drawings and the computer I lose everything that is great about my design. 
I am not a computer lover. I freeze, I get too caught up in the craziness of all the options I think. Plus, I'm super hands on, so I'm sure that doesn't help. 

Needless to say, I am trying to come up with a logo for the event. This is technically my working copy right now, although the thumbnails I had made didn't quite translate. The text in the middle is giving me trouble with placement and scale. Plus, I feel like I'm losing the 3 in the shield. It's still being worked on though. 
These were my thumbnails.
Notice the bottom row where I
started running out of ideas...

 So the project is due next Thursday, so hopefully I'll get pictures of this, as well as the first project I had due....

Does anyone else feel the disconnect when they go to do things on the computer or other electronics?
Like even reading a kindle, I'd rather have the book.... 

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