Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jen's Business Cards

I took down a few photos. I'll be re-posting these later, they need an update. Sorry!

A few weeks ago I was asked to do photography for a photographer's wedding... Not intimidating at all, right?... Although it would have been crazy stressful sadly, it fell through. 
However, this did inspire me a little to get back to a previous project. I had designed some business cards for her over the summer, which I decided to revamp and work on a little today. I need to retake my photos because my apartment has crappy lighting, but I'll let you guys see my before and afters. The logo stayed the same, which I wish I could tweak it a bit more, but it's not actually anything she's using so I've got time.

I started out with the logo, I knew I wanted something pretty script like. The only thing she wanted out of her cards were the words: fun, artsy, classy. 

Obviously this is awful and was only a sketch

I actually like this one much less than the computer sketch I had...
Which is why I completely re-rendered my logo!
I had also played with this (gag) camera image, which was really generic and awful. I had originally wanted to integrate a J and a P into the logo with the camera, it's basically impossible for my mind to get around.... 

So on to new ideas! After trying to figure out what to do with the front of her card, Jen told me she wanted a damask, because if I've learned anything working with her, the girl loves her damask! Added bonus: it's pretty classy. 

By then, I had finally figured out my logo for her (thank goodness)...

Then I moved onto working on the damask cards. I think they're okayyyyy. But I don't settle on okay. Or at least I try not to.... I'd like to think I'm getting better though, so obviously my perception of "okay" will change. If not I may as well change my major now.

ANYWAYYY. When I woke up this morning the Ashurst folder on my computer had these two solutions for my "finals" (above). Meh. So instead of doing my Physical Science Lab Manual, studying, or working on the 18 other things I have to do (including work, in which I will be paying rent with, whoops) I re-amped her cards. 
I wasn't fond of the idea that a photographer would have business cards without a photo on it though. This is why I made 2 versions. A different version of the damask cards, and a version I personally would like to use. (How is someone supposed to know if you're a good photographer without a picture?) Most people will not be willing to go to that website sitting there on the last line of your card without a little preview or incentive to know they aren't wasting their time. Time = Money. Seriously.... 

DAMASK CARD (updated)


Also, I learned today, well I learned several things.
a. Taking a photo of your work will aways look better than seeing it flat on the screen. (I'm pretty sure we work dimensionally, and photos add that dimension)
b. When doing a reverse for a logo you most likely shouldn't do it reversed on black, because it's super harsh on your eyes. Really I hadn't thought about reversing a logo anyway, I've only heard of gray scale checks, but it makes sense.

So because my lighting is awful (it's 11p.m. in an apartment with florescent lighting 14' up - AKA not conducive to well lit photos without blur) I will be taking more/better photos of all of my work tomorrow. 

 I do think it looks better than it had before. Any comments to help it further or to even, ya know, say how awesome it is are welcome and suggested!

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