Sunday, November 13, 2011

3 Weeks.

I have 3 weeks left until this semester is over and about 6 or 7 till another, more grueling one begins... But I'm excited!

I think I may have reached a point of exhaustion though. I had a horrible time staying awake yesterday and finally crashed about 8pm, much to the dismay of Tyler who wanted me to keep him company. But I did... I sprawled out on him and the couch napping my content heart away. And by napping I mean passing the hell out. I ended up sleeping from 8pm last night to 11am this morning... Minus the 30 minutes I got woken up to see the awesome creatures on Skyrim.

Totally freaking worth it. It helped me write a 5 page paper today, doing research and everything. It's an awful paper, but the subject is too difficult to cover everything. Sadly, I have another 7 page paper to write over Physical Science. Uhhhh yuck.

All I have to think about is the fact that there's only 3 weeks.

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