Friday, November 4, 2011

Pilllow Shmeeellow Final

For anyone who saw my previous pillow post and was wondering what came of the "pillow to be" I finally have your answer. I actually did really good on it! Which I was not only excited about because I was actually really pretty proud of it, but because I've only recently begun getting A's on my design projects. 

As a reminder, this was about the stage I was at when I posted last time... I knew I wanted to do a print on the back, reminiscent of shields, and burlap on the front with a sewed on shield. 

Pillow Exterior
Invite on the inside
I would like to say that my invite on the inside/typography greatly improved! I ended up doing a custom font on the top 2 lines (one...homeless). The logo still needed work, but for the time I had it wasn't the worst thing I could come up with! 

I'm still really pleased with how well the pillow turned out. It looks almost exactly like how I had planned for it to in my sketches. 


I used a screen print process for the back, which adds a unique element, since not all the shields will have turned out the same. I also love how the shield on the front turned out! I ended up hand sewing it, which gave it more character. Over all I think it went pretty well! 

For a few more photos feel free to look at my flickr!