Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Red Barn

For anyone who knows me, I used to be an interior design major. I would like to think I changed my major, but it keeps following me around. It's like the stalker that you think you put the restraining order on, but they're still always lurking. Charming analogy, I know.

So Tuesday when we finished our 3rd assignment for Graphic Design 2 it was all I could do not to break down into a happy dance! But alas, I can't dance, and I'd be too embarrassed to even try, so I sufficed with playing a lot of Doctor Mario and watching Voyager to celebrate.

This project has been the bane of my design existence for the last month. We had to take the exhibit they had at the barn and redesign it to be better, easier said than done.

Their current exhibit. 

The main attraction of the barn. 
Since the barn has been around for so long it's a second home to the community. They love that barn. So our concept was to make it feel more like home for the guests and people who work there. We did this by dividing the barn into "rooms" where the history would be seen, and selecting awesome furnishings for the space.

So then when someone walks into the barn they'll see this! Except more realistic and with more information. 

Overall, I don't think it was too bad, but I'm excited for whatever our next project will be. I don't feel like I learned a lot from that assignment, besides the fact that my presentation seemed to get better! woot woot! 

There's more photos of the barn and the project on my flickr, red barn album if you wanna check it out! The photos aren't top notch quality, but they'll give you an idea of the space. 

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