Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Caterpillar Day

Today I was down by my moms house so I decided to go to my favorite spot at Lake O to take some photos! It was partly for photography, partly for personal. Um it turned out kind of awesome. I saw 4 furry caterpillars, all in different spots, all different colors. My favorite little beast is the black and yellow man on the flowers up there. He was posing the hell out of my photo shoot with him! I really wish I had my telephoto lens, cause had to get (almost literally) face to face with this guy. I've always been told furry caterpillars are poisonous. I'm pretty sure after googling it just now they all aren't, but there's NO WAY I want to find out.

The orange man at the top is pretty rad too! He was hiding under my car, but I was gone long enough I'm pretty sure he got out from under it before I could run over him (fingers crossed). 
I mean I know they're bugs, but their furry factor makes them adorable. Like little insect kittens! haha okay, maybe not, but still. 

I sat down to watch Venture Brothers with Tyler after I got home, and oddly enough the episode was about Doctor Venture turning into a caterpillar! 
So strange, so strange.

Now, because today was so good, I'm declaring caterpillars as my good luck charm (but only furry ones). 

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