Saturday, October 8, 2011

Roach Encroach Part 3

So I had decided to break this post into 3 parts. One part description, one part process, and finally my final products! I'm excited that the photos I took turned out pretty well! There were about 15 parts to this project in this kit, so be patient with my photos! I tried to trim them down to the basics!

Foam Dough - 3 white, 1 brown

Craft Sticks

16 Binder Clips

3 Stacks of 2" Post it notes

Rubber Bands

Push Pins


T Pins

Embroidery Floss

Pipe Cleaners

Instruction Book

Sitting in the kit
Back of Kit 
If you have any questions about this project feel free to ask! I'm happy to explain/talk about any of my ideas!

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