Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roach Encroach Part 1

Hello! It's been a CRAZY week. Not to mention all the news and tweets and status posts going up tonight for a great man. {I'm honestly afraid my apple will be extinct in the next few years and when I go to get a new one the choices will have severely gone down hill}. 

In the craziness of the week I did get my projects from my Branding Project back! I actually got my pillow back too, but that's a post for next time. I was pretty proud of my result (and my grade reflects it). 

The basis of the project was to create an amusement park ride for a bug using only office supplies. Then we had to take all the office supplies we used for the "ride" and make a kit to sell it.

So an overview of what all we had to do: 
  • Create an amusment park ride
  • Create an office supply company from scratch
  • Come up with a concept for that company
  • Brand the Company
  • Create packaging for every supply we used in the ride
  • Create a cohesive kit to be sold from the office supply brand
  • Create packaging for that kit
  • Create an instruction booklet to show how to put the ride together
Sounds easy right? Ha yeahhh about that.... 
Our amusement park ride was for a roach, so I went with a 50s style approach focusing on how roaches are thought to be able to outlast a nuke {50s = Atomic Era, by the way}, meaning they're durable. It relates back to the office supplies because they would be super durable. 

Basically, I got an awesome grade on this, and although the box has been though A LOT of being thrown around it's still in pretty good shape!

The Entire Kit...
It's a ton of stuff
I'll have more pics of my process and Individual looks at all the packaging I had. It's a ton of stuff, too much for one post!

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