Friday, October 21, 2011

Color Crush

I saw this photo earlier and thought I had to start doing a color crush. I LOVE the colors in this photo. If it doesn't make you want to run across a wheat field on a stormy day, I don't know what will! 

Today has been super productive. I've been learning new design things (thanks Kathleen, by the way, it was super helpful!), getting my oil changed on my car (so now I'm not worried about her breaking down), having  some nice conversation and yummy wine, and working on a barn (which doesn't seem as overwhelming as it did 2 weeks ago)! 

Now for the official weekend!
  • Work
  • Barn
  • Affair of the Heart with my mom and aunt
  • Family Dinner
  • Romantic night at home with the boy! (which I'm most excited about!)
  • and a Kate Spade marketing booklet

I'm totally ready for this. 
What are you guys planning on doing this weekend?

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