Saturday, October 15, 2011

To Do. redo.

I'm in the process of finishing up my apartment. That along with:

  • working on a barn
  • writing a paper
  • making a poster to go with that paper
  • doing a group advertising project
  • doing a personal advertising project
  • doing a case study
  • trying to not fail physical science
  • working so I can pay rent
  • photographing
  • printing
  • letterpressing
  • networking/social life (barely)
  • helping my boy write his paper
  • trying to do personal projects
  • trying to keep up on here
  • and sleeping enough to not freak out from all I have to do. 
Cool! Okay, I think I'll probably be going to hobby lobby soon. I'll have a surprise soon! :D 
I'm excited. 

Also, while I was writing this, the new USPS mail commercial came on. I like it a lot! Hopefully it will work for them!

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