Monday, October 17, 2011

Munn dun dun

For History of Graphic Design 3 our class is writing a paper over a historical design rockstar and an emerging designer.  We also have to make a poster reporting our findings, which is probably for sure the coolest part of this assignment.

I went with Seymour Chwast for my historical rockstar. His illustrations are so much fun and can be pretty dreamy!

Thennn my favorite favorite favorite, Jason Munn. I'm not so sure how emerging he is (actually I don't quite think he is at all, because he really shouldn't be), but I kind of, REALLY love his work and had an awesome idea for a poster because of his work.
Love them. 
This is the most clever thing ever.

So for my poster I'm merging them! They both go off really clever concepts and play on imagery. I just have to add the text and write the paper!

I also really fell in love with Roxanne Daner.  Her illustrations are so amazing :] 

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